Barista Training from Ringtons!

At ARLO, we are very keen to ensure that our staff always deliver to the highest possible standards. Therefore we contacted to Ringtons and applied for a training to be able to prepare the most delicious and proper hot drinks. John Broad, from Ringtons, came to ARLO on the 17th of July to give a Barista Training to our staff.

John was very accurate with giving us all the details about our coffee machine (also hired from Ringtons), the temperatures, the timings, the different type of drinks, and gave the impression to us that he is very devoted to preparing and serving delicious and high quality drinks to fulfilling customer satisfaction.

We are all very thankful to him for the great lecture and for Ringtons for the opportunity. We thought we know a lot about hot beverages already, but it turned out: we still had some details to memorize, especially when it came down to preparing a flat white. Promise, now we are real “coffee-yodas” and a truth is not only on other side!

Hopefully in the close future we will be able to visit the Ringtons Factory in Byker to learn more about coffee beans, teas, hot chocolates, syrups, smoothie mixtures and all we have no idea yet.