Live Music Night, No.2!


Here at ARLO we are hosting our second music night! 

After the success of the first, with a great atmosphere and great music from Paul Elliot, we are hosting a second live night on Sunday the 17th November, 7pm, £15.

With a relaxed and informal atmosphere and an uplugged (well almost) session, it will feature some great songs and fine playing. Paul Elliot from (The Proper Boys) is bringing his new band The Bare Bones Project and there will also be some hand picked guest performers playing.

For the entry price of £15 we will be providing a free drink ( small house wine, peroni, or soft drink) and main meal, which will be Saltimbocca Chicken, Wrapped in prosciutto ham, with sage, olive oil mash and sicilian aubergine pickle, and for dessert one of our delicious chocolate brownies!

You can be sure of excellent music, food, and drink at ARLO for Bare Bones Night! Come along and enjoy the music and atmosphere with us!

Call 0191 281 4838 to reserve your table!

Check out these photos from the first one!

Arlo's, Live Music 201

Arlo's, Live Music 209 Arlo's, Live Music 208Arlo's, Live Music 200Arlo's, Live Music 199Arlo's, Live Music 206Arlo's, Live Music 181Arlo's, Live Music 192

Arlo's, Live Music 195
Arlo's, Live Music 182Arlo's, Live Music 196

Arlo's, Live Music 210Arlo's, Live Music 186