Cakes and drinks

Cakes and drinks



Biscoff cake
Lola’s lemon drizzle cake
Triple chocolate (gluten free) brownie
Malteser tiffin
Rocky road
Vegan lemon + blueberry loaf (VE)


Hot and cold drinks


Flat white
Double espresso
Single espresso £2.50
Cortado £2.50
Macciato £2.50
Kenyan cafetiere £4.50
add syrup (caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, gingerbread, almond): £0.50


Caffeine Free

Hot chocolate
Chai latte
Red berry + flower
Red Bush natural infusion
Lemongrass + ginger



Loose leaf English
Earl grey


Soft Drinks

Coca cola
Diet coke
Schweppes lemonade (£2.50)
Still sparkling water £3.00/ £4.50
Cherry coke
Victorian lemonade
Rose lemonade
Ginger beer
Fresh apple
Fresh orange


Alcoholic drinks

White wine

Trebbiano – Le Coste Di Romagna Poderi Dal Nespoli
(2018 Italy)

Pino grigio- The Spee’Wah
(2018 Australia)

Sauvignon blanc- Tokomaru Bay
(2018 New Zealand)

Red wine

Sangiovese -Di Romagne Fico Grande Poderi Dal Nespoli
(2018 Italy)

Shiraz- Deep river The Spee’Wah
(2018 Australia)

Pinot noir -Little eden
(2018 Australia)

Original malbec reserva Argento
(2018 Argentina)

Rose wine

Cote rose – Cotes Catalanes Domaine Lafage
(2018 France)


Prosecco vaporetto

Craft Beers

Peroni red label 4.7% 330ml

Camden hells lager 5.6% 330ml

Beavertown gamma ray 5.4% 330ml

Hitachino nest white ale 5.0% 330ml

Hadrian border Tyneside blonde 3.9% 500ml

Thornbridge Jaipur IPA 5.8% 330ml

Rib tickler cider 5.0% 500ml

Budvar B:Free low alcohol 0.5% 300ml


Violet martini
Vanilla and raspberry vodka are stirred over ice with violet liqueur to create this simple yet stunning martini

Whiskey/ Disarronno sours
Whiskey or Disarrono is shaken with lemon, sugar and egg white (this is optional but makes for a silkier snifter)

Elderflower spritz
a blend of elderflower liqueur, lime and prosecco are poured over ice into a large wine glass for this refreshing concoction

Apple mojito
A dash of fresh apple juice is added to give this classic cocktail a twist it never knew it needed

Peach bellini
Smooth peach puree topped with prosecco

Gin serves

Brokers Gin
served with Fevertree light tonic + orange

Bloom Gin
served with Fevertree elderflower + strawberries

Bathtub sloe gin
served with lemonade + raspberries

Monkey 47 gin £8.50
served with Fevertree Mediterranean tonic + grapefruit