In house bakery + drinks

In house bakery + drinks

In house bakery

Cakes + traybakes

Arlo’s apple caramel crunch cake
Lola’s lemon + lime drizzle cake
Otis’s triple chocolate (gf) brownie
Malteser tiffin
Rocky road
Tworio bar
White chocolate Bailey espresso cheesecake
Luna’s cupcakes (daily flavour)
Vegan lemon (VE) (daily flavour)


Hot and cold drinks


Flat white
Double espresso
Single espresso £2.50
Cortado £2.50
Macciato £2.50
Kenyan cafetiere £4.50
add syrup (caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, gingerbread, almond): £0.50


Caffeine Free

Hot chocolate
Chai latte
Red berry + flower
Red Bush natural infusion
Lemongrass + ginger



Loose leaf English
Earl grey


Soft Drinks

Coca cola
Diet coke
Schweppes lemonade (£2.50)
Still sparkling water £3.00/ £4.50
Cherry coke
Victorian lemonade
Rose lemonade
Ginger beer
Fresh apple
Fresh orange


Alcoholic drinks

White wine

Trebbiano – Le Coste Di Romagna Poderi Dal Nespoli
(2018 Italy)

Pino grigio- The Spee’Wah
(2018 Australia)

Sauvignon blanc- Tokomaru Bay
(2018 New Zealand)

Red wine

Sangiovese -Di Romagne Fico Grande Poderi Dal Nespoli
(2018 Italy)

Shiraz- Deep river The Spee’Wah
(2018 Australia)

Pinot noir -Little eden
(2018 Australia)

Original malbec reserva Argento
(2018 Argentina)

Rose wine

Cote rose – Cotes Catalanes Domaine Lafage
(2018 France)


Prosecco vaporetto

Craft Beers

Peroni red label 4.7% 330ml

Beavertown gamma ray 5.4% 330ml

Hadrian border Tyneside blonde 3.9% 500ml

Gluten free lager. Tyne pilsner 4.1%. 330ml

Northern Pale 4.1% 330ml

Aspall Cyder 4.6% 500ml

Budvar B:Free low alcohol 0.5% 300ml


Violet martini
Vanilla and raspberry vodka are stirred over ice with violet liqueur to create this simple yet stunning martini

Whiskey/ Disarronno sours
Whiskey or Disarrono is shaken with lemon, sugar and egg white (this is optional but makes for a silkier snifter)

Elderflower spritz
a blend of elderflower liqueur, lime and prosecco are poured over ice into a large wine glass for this refreshing concoction

Apple mojito
A dash of fresh apple juice is added to give this classic cocktail a twist it never knew it needed

Peach bellini
Smooth peach puree topped with prosecco

Gin serves

Brokers Gin
served with Fevertree light tonic + orange

Bloom Gin
served with Fevertree elderflower + strawberries

Bathtub sloe gin
served with lemonade + raspberries

Monkey 47 gin £8.50
served with Fevertree Mediterranean tonic + grapefruit