Daytime menu

 Served from 12.00 until 5:15pm


Warm bread board extra virgin rapeseed oil and balsamic (v)   £4.00

Warm Focaccia with balsamic vinegar, freshly made pesto, beetroot hummus, marinated olives  (v)    £4.50

Marinated green and black olives (v)   £3.00

Soup of the Day homemade soup with bread (v)    £4.95

Tempura Tiger Prawns green tea soba noodle salad, wasabi mayo, Togarashi spice        £7.95



Korean Beef Salad with Asian slaw, fresh mint and coriander, rice noodles, Korean dressing, toasted sesame seeds    £9.50

Supergreen Asian Style Salad,  matcha rice avocado, edamame beans, Japanese style soft boiled Duck egg and Ruby grapefruit, soy dressing  (v)     £9.50                                  

Chicken Caesar Salad garlic and herb roasted chicken, little gem lettuce, garlic croutons, fresh parmesan and our own special anchovy free Caesar sauce      £9.50

Roasted Butternut Squash spiced roasted cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, red Quinoa, whipped feta and beetroot hummus, toasted sourdough and pinenuts (v)         £9.50


Fish  Hot and sour marinated mussels, smoked salmon, tempura cod, smoked mackerel, tiger prawns, wakame, warm ciabatta, truffle aioli, tartare sauce, lemon, sweet chilli sauce    £18.95

Meat Serrano ham, chorizo, Italian sausage, milano salami chicken, kettle ham, torn mozzarella, olives, warm ciabatta, chipotle mayo, balsamic, semi dried tomatoes  £18.95

Vegetarian  cheeses, olives, dips, salads, marinated vegetables and warm focaccia  £18.95 

Cheese  Morden Blue, Prince Bishops, Doddington cheese, crackers and homemade chutney       £9.95



Seared Steak Taco with guacamole, ARLO Taco sauce, chimichurri, Jack cheese and fajita spiced skin on fries   £12.95

Otis Burger homemade beef burger with bacon, cheese, salad, chipotle and coriander mayo with skin on fries     £12.95

NEW Pulled Jackfruit Taco  sweetcorn Guacamole, Vegan cheese, fresh coriander and Fajita Spiced Skin on Fries (VE)      £12.95

Italian Chicken Burger, smoked Italian cheese, porcini truffle pesto, roasted peppers, truffle aioli and oregano parmesan skin on fries                                                                               £13.50             

Naked Italian Spiced Chicken Breast garden salad,  Pesto and Feta Beetroot Hummus    £12.95                                                                                                                                                                                                       

In House Baked Quiche of the Day salad, crisps and coleslaw   £8.50

ARLO’s Open Sandwich ciabatta with chicken, spring onion mayo, crisp bacon, bistro leaf, poached egg   £8.50

Homemade Tempura Fish Finger Sandwich, white stottie, rocket, tartar sauce, ketchup, with skin on fries  £11.50

Shakshuka with Harissa tomatoes, baked eggs, Greek yoghurt, feta, roast peppers,fresh coriander and toasted sour dough (Add Spicy Sausage £1.50)           £10.50

Tempura Tiger Prawns green tea soba noodle salad, wasabi mayo, togarashi spice             £14.95

10oz Pan Fried Sirloin Steak with grilled tomato, mushroom, truffle aioli, skin on chips  £19.95                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Skin on fries Plain or salted chilli (v)   £3.00                                                            
Skin on chips with truffle aioli, parmesan and rosemary    £4.00
Mixed leaf salad with honey and grain mustard dressing (v)   £3.00      
Homemade Coleslaw  £2.00.
Sriracha/ American hot/ homemade truffle aioli/ guacamole/ chimichurri           £0.50