Our people

Lucas Morrison

Lucas has been working as a chef for nearly thirty years and his experiences of working in New Zealand, Italy and South Africa are clearly evident throughout the restaurant.

Lucas began life at ARLO in the kitchen but has since ventured into the restaurant to enable him to meet and greet his customers and ensure that everyone is receiving the optimal experience in both food and service.

Brian James

Brian has spent most of his career working in Newcastle’s most iconic restaurants including 21 Queen Street and Barn Again Bistro.

Brian has been in charge of the kitchen and menus for over two years now and has brought his own style of fusion cookery to ARLO.  Brian’s menus blend traditional ingredients with Asian, Middle Eastern and South American flavours to create exciting and innovative dishes whilst also maintaining a well-balanced all day eating style.  Brian’s passion for Asian flavours developed whilst living in Australia and his love of global cuisine has evolved from his love of travel around the world.

The ARLO team

If you’d like to become a member of the ARLO team, we’d love to hear from you!

Just send your CV to us at info@arlojesmond.com and we’ll be in touch.